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    worst university system Empty worst university system

    Post by mrryan on Sat Nov 14, 2009 10:43 pm

    I have been a UNISEL student in BESTARI JAYA for over a year now
    and currently persuading the first semester in BACHELOR OF ELECTRONIC
    ENGINEERING (HONS). The reason why I’m writing my complaint in the
    internet is because UNISEL is a coward university as it is avoiding
    people like me to complaint about my dissatisfied towards it. I’m very
    angry; disgusted; dissatisfied; and lose all my respect towards this
    university for one reason and one reason only, the management.

    Over the past one year, I have been tolerating with their management
    and I keep getting these blank promises that the management will be
    better in the next semester from my lecturers’ and deans’ but what I
    see is it gets worst ever semester. For example, this semester, I have
    to wait for 3 hours and 26 minutes in a crowded hall just to get a
    place to stay in their hostel. “Why?” Because, the receptionists that
    was in charged with the male hostel was not giving rooms according to
    order. The two bitches, to me very racists, as me and two of my friends
    were Chinese and we just sit there and look at the Malays that was
    behind of us getting rooms before us, way to go democracy. It gets
    worst in the JANA NIAGA department (the hostel department); this
    semester only people who are sick (for instant asthma) or weak to walk
    stairs who have a doctor’s permission will get the ground and first
    floor. Typically, for JANA NIAGA, I saw Malays getting the ground and
    first floor without a doctor’s permission (I’m sitting at the front
    row). What is this!!! Can’t they just be fair to all of us? UNISEL is
    the first state university in Malaysia, why can’t they follow what our
    prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak concept of “Satu Bangsa, Satu

    The horror does not stop here, the chancellor especially the
    examination department is very rude to us student. Who the hell are
    they!!! Last semester I wanted to apply for another university and i
    needed to get my result slip from my previous semester. Shocked by the
    man on the counter’s attitude, he scolded me for disturbing him even
    though I asked him nicely. If i knew his name, my parents will be the
    first to budge into the examination department and give him a nice
    scolding. Even paying my fees is frustrating, the receptionists’ were
    nice but somehow everytime I need to pay my fees, I have to wait the
    least is 1 hour. My sister two years my senior (also in UNISEL) had
    experience being told that she is still owning UNISEL money but the
    truth is she never owned them a cent and it was their own system’s
    fault. Luckily, my sister kept her receipt, if not we will be in deep
    All I’m saying in the truth, and if it is not because of UNISEL am
    cheaper than other private universities I’ll definitely leave UNISEL
    without a doubt. All I want is for UNISEL to take responsibilities, let
    students to comment about the university and give us the private
    university’s management standard. To be honest, I’m really fond with
    the lecturers here and my grades were getting better every semester.
    Still, I hope that as a coloured skin student to not be insulted for my
    race infront of my face (regarding to the JANA NIAGA case) and better
    management in the future.
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    Post by Admin on Sun Nov 15, 2009 8:29 am

    You're not losing all respect to the university itself, all I see is you lose all respects to its management system.

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    Post by alfiez22 on Thu Nov 19, 2009 2:04 pm

    the university and the management is 2 different thing... dont get mixed up... any university may have a faulty system... none of them is ever perfect... lets give them more time to grow up and fix things.

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